APM Registered Project Professional (RPP)

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The RPP is a pan-sector standard for those able to demonstrate the capabilities of a responsible leader, who have the ability to manage a complex project and use appropriate tools, processes and techniques
Target Audience
Those with experience of managing others in a complex project environment regardless of their professional background or qualification.
The Standard
Candidates will ideally hold MAPM membership of the APM, and need to be able to provide evidence of:

  • Managing others in a complex project environment
  • Demonstrating responsible leadership
  • Exhibiting professional and ethical behaviour
  • Demonstrating competence in 29 core project management competences
  • 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the last 12 months

Preparation Process
Novare Consulting offer 1 or 2 day RPP Preparation Workshops on client sites only. Please enquire for more details
The Assessment
Portfolio Assessment
APM assess your Portfolios Of Evidence which must evidence your capability in 29 core competencies and knowledge of 18 complementary competencies
Professional Review
After a successful Portfolio Assessment candidates will be invited to a professional review with RPP Assessors, which is a 45 minute interview together with a 5-10 minute presentation
Individual Benefits
Holders of the qualification can use the RPP designation to help them stand out from the crowd as exceptional
Organisational Benefits
Recognition that you employ among the best PPM professionals which will attract more PPM talent
Novare Consulting Package
Coaching & mentoring for the applicants
Excellent Trainers with real-world project management experience